All it requires is the Will Power

We can define will power as a virtue that gives you strength to exert your will or be at a place figuratively you want to be at.

Will power is just like a muscle, which you need to exercise and build it. It is really important to strengthen it as will power is key to success. Will power and mind are really closely related. And if you want to achive success don’t let your mind control you rather control your mind and for the access to the mind you need the key called will power.

The level of in-built willpower varies person to person. It is completely understandable that every person can’t be mentally strong. Sometimes, some circumstances or experiences give you either the strength and willpower to survive or go through anything or completely destroy you and takes away all the strength to deal with anything. When you aren’t able to handle things, this is the time when you need to work on yourself. This is the magical mantra of happy life.

Be the PROTAGONIST of your own life.

Sometimes it is important to manipulate your mind and build enough guts to pursue the things you need to. Just keep telling yourself that you need to do this and don’t quit. It maybe feels hard but it makes things so much easier for future.

Building willpower requires a lot of courage. One should build up enough courage yo handle themselves well cause you won’t have someone or the other to wipe your tears each time because there is no point in gaining sympathy.

If you want something, work for it and earn it.






Dreams….are they our inner voice? … imagination? What are they?

Dreams have been basically described as succesion of images, emotions, interpretations occurring in back of our mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams have been a controversial topic which have been linked to many mythological and religious context. It has been an attraction for acientific research. Nobody is quite sure about why they happen.
We are able to see dreams because of rapid eye movements(REMs). We are wll aware of dreaming, a common thing which we all experience and that is the reason it raises so much curiosity. Don’t you feel that sometimes dreams are just weird. They could be nightmares, prophetic dreams, wet dreams even. 

According to some religious context, dreams are a kind of omen. You can interpret it through symbols shown.

For example, I dreamt about bring bitten by dogs again and again and that means being betrayed. But I dont know till what extent it was true. The other time i dreamt of being cinderella. This was weird. It had mwny intepretations. One said that I am being not appreciated to the extent I should be whereas other said that my life will change for better. 

Don’t you feel sometimes oh this event has happened before. People term it as prophetic dream. A dream in which you can see future. Dreams are due to sub consciousness. Human brain is powerful and undiscovered. 

Daydreaming is another thing. Which basically says you dont need to shut your eyes for dreaming. You can get lost in your own world of imagination. Well its my favourite thing to do in class. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Well this is an on going topic but the topic which puts me in total curiosity because my dreams are totally weird linked by nothing.