Time is magic….


Time is defined as indefinite continued progress of existence. Could it be a certain thing to make you realise that everything is in motion not stationery?

Is time common for every being? If it was so, wouldn’t it be that every person is taking birth and dying at the same moment?

Humans tend to compare their lives among themselves and end up degrading themselves by coming to the conclusion that the other person has accomplished a particular thing before them.

If this race of life was a true scenario then why would sayings like ‘its not my time’, ‘age is just an illusion’ exist. Everyone figuratively lives in their own time and time could be frozen by their choice. Time freezes when we fall in love,it freezes when we do something we enjoy, which is a beautiful feeling.

Every single being has their own time to accomplish certain things. Some people accomplish things in a short time, some may take time. There will be no fun in life if everything will be readily available on the plate. Take time, accept it and make most of it.


Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

True beauty comes from inner glow…

This popular saying originates a long time ago. One of the most popular theme among classic authors and poets which we all cherish has a really deep meaning. What may be ugly for you, may be attractive for others and vice versa. Beauty is perception. Perception is point of view. The degree and definition of attractiveness varies not only among  different cultures, countries but also person to person. Beauty is not only outer beauty but aldo beauty of mind, heart and soul. The concept of beauty being a perception can be understood by different beauty standards around the world. For example- Korean beauty standards identify a perfect women to be skinny, fair skinned and have large eyes whereas perfect women in Africa are expected to be curvy with big breasts and wide hips.

This quote doesn’t only revolve around physical appearance of the humans but also other beings and things.

Some paintings from famous artists may appear silly or out of nowhere to most of the people but a person paying thousands or even millions for it sees the beauty of the art created, what the artist is trying to convey.

It may seem that another saying, “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover” is a tributary of the given saying. It may be rectifying the wrong meaning taken by the people. The former saying may not only imply for physical beauty but also the inner beauty as it is well said that true beauty comes from inner glow. Whereas, the latter only talks about the physical appearance. It also conveys the idea of not to be judgemental. 

Your beauty is not only in the eyes of the other person as a beholder but you as a beholder. Successful people say,” Make Them Look Through Your Eyes”. Similarly, if you don’t see the beauty in yourself, then don’t expect the other person to see it. Self hatred is the most unattractive thing about a person. And, if a person tries to show the beauty in you, don’t become self obsessed but try to accept it with dignity. 

As we all know that physical beauty doesn’t last forever, be beautiful at heart, mind and soul.
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Well, listverse rejected my post so I decided to publish it here.

2 broke girls is an American TV series created for Warner Bros. The show revolves around the story of two girls, Max Black and Caroline Channing played by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs respectively.  They both belong to different backgrounds, Max being raised in poverty who is unaware about who her father is whereas Caroline is the daughter of a multi-millionaire, who goes from having everything to nothing. The duo meets for the first time when Caroline joins as a waitress in Williamsburg Diner where Max already works as a waitress. It is a sitcom and generally has sexual humour. Many think that the show is creating a bad influence and it received mixed reviews. But if we focus on the main context, we will realise there is much more to it. The show through its casual and carefree approach depicts us basic values which is key to a happy life.



The strongest message, the show, gives us is to never stop aspiring.  Aspiration is a hope or ambition of achieving something. Caroline’s character always gave us some kind of positivity. Even being from a high class family, spoilt from birth, she has been optimistic and kind throughout the series. She sometimes turned out to be self obsessed though. She didn’t give up hope and successfully launched her cupcake business with Max. Han, the owner of the diner where the girls work, allows Max to sell cupcakes at his diner. It is when Caroline makes Max realise that they can turn it into a cupcake business. They faced allot of problems in establishing their business and also throughout the running of business. Later on, in season 6, Caroline and Max come up with the idea of a dessert bar. They received allot of criticism. In spite that, the duo stays firm and it turns out to be a success. Once, their bar is ruined by the storm in the city but they still remain positive and are able to revive it.

Despite all the ups and downs faced by the girls and even other characters, they always tend to stay happy. Caroline loses all of her money all of the sudden because of a family scandal; she isn’t sad and tries to start over by working as a waitress. Max, on the other hand, was raised in poverty and her mother was a drug addict. She had a rough childhood, even adulthood. She doesn’t even know anything about her own father. Han once found out about her dad and Caroline fixed a meeting but he doesn’t turn up. Even after getting hope of meeting her dad and being disappointed, she still remains happy and cheers up Caroline as well. There had been ups and downs in Sophie’s relationship with Oleg too. They try to find happiness. Sophie’s tries allot of things to become pregnant but the difficulty of having a child doesn’t bring her down. She always greets everyone with her evergreen dialogue, “hey everybody”. The show never failed to make the audience laugh.


Who can explain dealing with reality better than Caroline? She can be anyone’s idol for dealing with the misfortune she faced all of the sudden. The two girls always landed up being broke. But somehow they still manage to accept it. Max accepts her reality of not knowing her father and having a bad childhood. Accepting reality isn’t as easy as it looks. Some people get into depression when dealing with an incident. They have trouble accepting the reality. Han accepts being a short man and isn’t offended by people who mock at him. He always had been target of Max’s jokes. Accepting yourself and the circumstances is truly crucial. Once, a person accepts the reality and is ready to deal with, he has overcome the biggest hurdle in life.


If a person needs to know the true meaning of family, then this show is the answer. A family is that which comforts you, is always there for you as well as where you feel home. You don’t need a blood relation to be a family. Max sees Earl as the father figure in her life as she is unaware of her real father. Earl adores Max and tells her that she is his family. He always supports her even in the start of her cupcake business and is proud of her. Caroline and Max start as colleagues and end up as best friends. Even Caroline’s boyfriend Bobby treats Max as Caroline’s family when he invites them to his house party. Once, the diner members helped out the girls for making cupcakes for a big order just like a family. All the people in diner help each other out and are always there for each other. They give each other space as well as support. They all love each other even if they don’t show. This is what true family is.


Max is everybody’s favourite character for her cool attitude. She never lets anyone take her for granted. She has a unique way of reacting to insults. She has a witty personality and leaves anyone speechless. She doesn’t even take offense from her customers. Once, in season one, a hipster called her by clicking fingers which offended Max and was rude. She teaches him a lesson in a cool way with a smile. This trait can be seen in Caroline sometimes. Almost every character in 2 broke girls is witty and knows how to react to a particular situation. The answers are witty and hilarious which makes t a perfect sitcom. At least users get the idea of staying cool and fun of delivering insults with sarcasm. Anyway, it is said sarcasm is for intelligent people. Though, the show uses the “V” word a million times, still reacting to the insults with a smile is really cool.


Well, many people believe they are born with personality. It’s not true. Personality is something which you acquire from the values given and he experiences one had. A person is what he chooses to be. Max could easily have been a smuggler, criminal or a drug addict because of the childhood she had been through. But, she grew up to gross but intelligent women. Her personality is unique and attractive. Even though, she makes marijuana jokes all the time but she was never addicted to drugs. Caroline grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, still she isn’t a brat. Sometimes, she tends to be high maintenance but she has an adjusting nature. She doesn’t want things to be fed to her and she knows it won’t happen anymore. She is willing to work hard. She does continue to have her charismatic personality. Oleg and Sophie might seem careless but still they are good parents to Barbara to some extent.


Despite the amount of racial jokes they make, the show has people from all over the globe. The biggest irony is that the actors are Americans and Han is from Chinese descent not Korean. The show makes fun of stereotypes every five seconds but still they all love each other and always stand up for each other. Whether it is Han bragging about Korean culture and the girls making fun of him because of his lack of knowledge about American culture or Sophie telling Oleg how fathers or other things are in Poland. Earl is a black man who feels uncomfortable surrounded by white people or getting offended by black colour references, he still feels that Max is his family and always supports her. Caroline came from a rich family. She became broke from multi-millionaire, she doesn’t treat her all time poor friends with disgust or something.


No matter how disgusting or weird they appear to be, the cast overflows with self confidence. Who cannot say that after watching Sophie’s epic entry? The way she presents herself, although extremely weird yet confident, is what drags attention towards her and especially from Oleg. Oleg might not be the most attractive guy but his confidence dragged Sophie towards him even though he cringe people badly. However, the couple was full of weirdness but they never lacked confidence. Max’s confidence is praised by all 2 broke girls’ fans. She is a unique personality, portraying intelligent and confident modern women. Earl may be in his 80’s but still is a handsome hunk by heart. Many older women flirt with him because of his young at heart personality and confidence. Han is a short man who is mocked by everyone but never held his head down. Caroline, even after losing her money she still has confidence in herself and her work maybe insecure sometimes.


The number of failures faced by the two girls is never ending. But even then, the duo never gives up. This is the biggest lesson the show gives to us. The will power of the duo is tremendous and praiseworthy. They definitely did some really stupid things but still never gave up which is important for achieving success in life. It’s not like they always faced failure, they did have moments of success too. For ex- meeting Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian finally writing a great review about their cupcake business, dessert bar opening etc. They knew very well how to smile through tough times. Caroline did stress out most of the times but Max was always of cool mind. Does that mean she has achieved her inner peace?


At last but not the least, caring can be said to be the most important theme of the show. Even though the characters were not related to each other in blood but still what they did was more than a family. All of them may appear to be each other’s biggest enemies but deep inside they all cared for each other. Whether it was Han panicking when he dropped the cake the girls made for an important delivery because he knew how much it meant to them or Oleg fixing their door when storm hit their dessert bar. Max and Caroline cared for each other more than sisters. This is the reason why Max didn’t mind kissing Han when she wanted to find out about Bobby’s secret baby with his ex. Though, her efforts went in vain. She still did it out of love and care.

Utopian Dreams

Writing about dreams is one of my favorite topic. It’s actually every aspiring person’s favorite topic. But sometimes we have tendency of dreaming something or imagining a pitch perfect situation which is only possible in a Utopian world. Dreaming big is never wrong. Actually it is good. If you will set high standards, you may not land on it but maybe somewhere near it which is better than average and regular goal.

This game of life may put you into different scenarios. But it’s never bad to take up challenges and stand up to them. We all dream about everything being perfect and also imagine the scenario in our mind, the series of things that will and should occur. If the case wasn’t as we imagined, it may seem like a state of dystopia. Disappointment is a natural psychological stress bound to every single human. It’s totally normal to feel it and go through it. Everything can’t go as expected. Maybe this is the reason why they say, “expectations lead to disappointment”. The idea of quote is entirely from what we understand. It actually means that one should be self contented.

Being self contended is not an easy task as even economics say that human wants are unlimited. There is no limit to the desires of a human being. Maybe that’s why there is a difference between human being and “being human“. Maybe our desires sometimes turn us into narcissist monster. Self contentment is the state of being happy with what all one has.

Sometimes, our dreams may not turn into reality. But that doesn’t mean one should not try for impossible. Creating a utopian society is the ultimate goal.

Feminism or Feminarcissism?

Is feminism these days narcissism?

This is a sensitive topic to talk about. These are my view points after what I observed. Feminism- It is a term coined in 1890s which means women’s rights to equality of sexes. This term was introduced to down throw the rule of father which is paternalistic society. Women at that time had no right to make their choices and later they realised if they unite they can promote equality of sexes.

But these days definition of feminism has been changed. Is it feminism or ‘feminarcissism’? All the progress made is going in vain. People laugh at the word feminism. Which actually meant to bring equality but some feminists are trying to bring superiority which is not right. You don’t need to remove clothes in order to show feminism. Its not feminism when you give up your dignity.

Many wouldn’t agree with my viewpoints but feminism has become a joke. People termed the word ‘feminazi’ to mock at the weird behavior of some feminists. They try to supress men which is entirely opposite of what feminism actually means. They are behaving like those supressing men who treated women like objects.

Its high time that we continue with the progress rather than taking a U turn.


Let it go…

Sometimes you need to sit down and let things happen..

The amazing lines my friend read once. You all must have heard about the half filled glass of water. If you find it half filled you are optimistic but if you complain its half empty you are a pessimist. Weird right? A glass of water deciding your positivity.

But it has more to it. People who find it half filled will pick it up. Hold it. Keep on holding on to it…..1 hour… 2 hours…. 10 hours?

Will you keep holding on to it. Won’t it start hurting you. Better if you will just keep it down and let it go. Sometimes it’s best to let go.

Amazing thing my friend explained to me.

PS: That’s me in the picture 🙂

Happy reading 🙂



Dreams….are they our inner voice? … imagination? What are they?

Dreams have been basically described as succesion of images, emotions, interpretations occurring in back of our mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams have been a controversial topic which have been linked to many mythological and religious context. It has been an attraction for acientific research. Nobody is quite sure about why they happen.
We are able to see dreams because of rapid eye movements(REMs). We are wll aware of dreaming, a common thing which we all experience and that is the reason it raises so much curiosity. Don’t you feel that sometimes dreams are just weird. They could be nightmares, prophetic dreams, wet dreams even. 

According to some religious context, dreams are a kind of omen. You can interpret it through symbols shown.

For example, I dreamt about bring bitten by dogs again and again and that means being betrayed. But I dont know till what extent it was true. The other time i dreamt of being cinderella. This was weird. It had mwny intepretations. One said that I am being not appreciated to the extent I should be whereas other said that my life will change for better. 

Don’t you feel sometimes oh this event has happened before. People term it as prophetic dream. A dream in which you can see future. Dreams are due to sub consciousness. Human brain is powerful and undiscovered. 

Daydreaming is another thing. Which basically says you dont need to shut your eyes for dreaming. You can get lost in your own world of imagination. Well its my favourite thing to do in class. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Well this is an on going topic but the topic which puts me in total curiosity because my dreams are totally weird linked by nothing.