Writing Free Blogs

Free blogging? It isn’t bad…



WordPress is an amazing platform for blogging to bring people together and let out their thoughts. Blogging is the art of writing which recess true inner self.

I tried blogging for first time three years ago. I started with a blog named sparkleupyourlyf.  I posted about some DIY recipes and it was really popular. I think I’m pretty good at it. But the posts later hardly got views. I got demotivated. As 15 year old back then maybe I expected quick results and that was bad idea. I also started blogging at blogspot by the name life thunders. I think they shut my blog but it did manage to get 60 views in a few months. Maybe I was trying too hard and rather than finding happiness while doing it I was running after success. Maybe that lead to failure because I wasn’t enjoying it. This time I started with this blog. I named it vibrance because it brings me joy and I do it out of happiness.


I had no idea when I wrote my first post what will happen to this blog but this time I kept writing and I love it. It gives me joy to write and know that I’m improving and getting to know more and more when I see posts from my fellow bloggers. Every time a person follows me it gives me so much joy. My last post received maximum likes and I was so happy.

Writing free blogs can be quite challenging. Many bloggers start bloggers with only motive of earning money. I did too and it didn’t work out. I salute to successful bloggers who still write free blogs and their content is not affected by it. Writing free blogs isn’t that bad.

I don’t mind writing for free today because this time I’m positive and I believe in myself that in a few years this blog will do great. Just need support of my lovely followers. Thank you to every viewer.

Happy Reading 🙂

Jack Of All Trades

Is there a difference between being an all rounder and a jack of all trades?

Jack of all trades is a figure of speech used for a person who is good at doing all sorts of work but isn’t master of one. Its usually said “jack of all trades but master of none”.

Is it bad to be good at everything when someone out there is the best at one. Well I guess a person is his own worst critic. People have tendency to convince themselves that someone could be better than him. I can do number of tasks and I’m good at them. So it called being an all rounder or jack of all trades. All rounder sounds as positive as negative hack of all trades sounds.

But if we look in broader sense being a jack of all trades is not also a common trait as being best at a certain thing is. Sometimes, the thing you feel you are really great at may not be felt by other person. Here is the place where ego and criticism meet. Or maybe it’s just confidence.

Being a jack doesn’t make you good for nothing. At least one can do several tasks at average level.

The Unposted Letter

This is a book review on The Unposted Letter by Mahatria Ra

The Unposted Letter is a book written by Mahatria Ra. In the preface Mahatria refers the readers as the seekers and asks them to open any page and an answer is seeking a seeker.

The book us simple, easy to read and really captivating. The writing style is simple yet elegant. The best part is that each chapter or topic rather is hardly about two pages so the readers do not require a long time to finish chapters. It gives positivity by giving answers to the simple questions of life.

We think that the problem is so big and make issues out of small little things. The book changes our outlook of looking at things. Tries to make things look simple. It makes us realize how human nature is capable of making situation worse when they are so simple to solve. There is no point of stressing about certain things which are not even worth it.

At last I would like to say the book us really convincing and a must read.

One more thing- You also get a free poster.

Happy Reading 🙂

Why Is It So Hard to Accept Criticism?

What is right? What is wrong? Is criticism same as right and wrong….

“Critism”- not an unpopular word these days. This word emerged in English during 17th century. The word has been derived from the French word “critique”.Critism is basically judging one’s good and bad points. It can be positive as well as negative. Is critism important? Sometimes, its true and we should learn to accept it. Everyone has a different point of view. What may be right for you may be wrong for the other and vice versa.

One can say right and wrong are just theories. To be more scientific they are “normative theories of ethics“. Accepting criticism can be linked to the theory of right and wrong to a certain level.

Basically, we criticise a person when we think that the person is not doing something according to our ethics or simply our ideology. But at the same time that person is doing something right according to his ideology. Right and wrong are just illusions. 

We can understand it better by taking the example of killing. Killing is wrong. But when we kill a mosquito or lion kills a deer its not wrong. But if a human kills a human then its wrong. If a person kills endangered species, its illegal and wrong but if a person kills a chicken its right. 

From this we can conclude that right and wrong aren’t part of nature but an ideology or maybe a theory.

A person should listen to other’s point of view but should not blindly follow it. Analyze them but don’t get influenced by them. What makes sense will be kept in mind and rest won’t matter.

Similarly, one should accept criticism to a certain degree. Don’t be demoralized by it. Think over it and use the theory of right and wrong by your ideology.
PS: this article is right according to me but some people won’t agree.
Happy Reading 🙂

Is There any proper Planning to Proper Plan….

Is there any plan for a plan? A key to planning…

Today’s life is full of hustle and bustle. The crazy irony of life is that from a young toddler to an old person, everyone has a busy life. Toddlers not even start walking before they start speaking 123… Or ABC… 

Whether we are doing it purposely but unknowingly everyone plans out things. Basically, one is unable to complete a day without planning.

The sad truth is that in the struggle of achieving goals, we forget our life in between. Why don’t we start proper planning. Do you think we have to even properly plan to plan. Sounds satirical. But it is the truth.

You even have to plan a plan. Will it be a short term, long term, objective or a method. Plan is much more broader term than we think. It contains rules, strategies and much more.

A plan has to be realistic. You can’t just plan random things or make a hectic schedule. Just sit down and when planning just imagine yourself implementing the plan. It will help to make plan realistic rather than stressful. And that’s the ideal plan.

Don’t just make plans, try to act upon them and implement them.

Are Side Activities Actually are Side Activities…

Are you triggered when people call your passion a “side” activity?

I don’t know if I am using correct term but side activities are basically the passion or the hobbies that a person pursues. For some people it may not be appropriate to call their activities a hobby or even side.

They can include blogging, dancing, singing and various other forms of art, sports etc. Being in the final year of the high school, the term puts me into state of dilemma. I may sound crazy but if you are an artistic or active kind of person who is overburdened by the study, you may get it.

Aren’t these so called “side activities” be enough to be just more than a hobby or passion. People say follow your passion, but why those same people question the promising future in them.

Being academically qualified may sound safe and secure but what’s the fun if you aren’t happy or satisfied. This is basically hypocrisy (did I just overdid it???). If a person has full capabilities and is motivated enough, I think it can be secure as well, maybe struggling for a few. But the patience kept during the struggle time is the actual measurement of the desire.  And isn’t it worth it? I failed twice in blogging.

I don’t think that mocking at people or saying that they are stupid to pursue it is a smart idea. 

It is said that, ‘a little knowledge is dangerous”, it must be said for a reason.

When not aware about the things how can a human be a superior judge for it. Maybe its time to do something and not be swayed by the ideas of others.

Can Just Positive Thinking Alone be Enough…

If you think about a certain desire, can it happen without even trying to work for it?

Being optimistic is an important part of your life. Once you start filling your mind with positive thoughts, you’ll start feeling the flow of energy into your body which ultimately makes your day good if not perfect.

Hello everyone, I am Rashi and this is my first post.

You all must be thinking like yes it is her first post and it has to be about positive thinking. But actually, it’s not the case. I am writing this blog to acquaint you all to the fact that positive thinking cannot alone help you to accomplish things you desire. I was inspired to write about it from the book ‘The Secret’.

You must have read several posts about it. Lately I have been thinking and trying to analyse it. There is nothing wrong about the book neither I am trying to criticize the book. I’m trying to explain the misinterpretations. So the book basically follows the ideology of ‘thoughts become things’ but do you actually think that you will be thinking about a certain thing and it will actually happen by doing nothing. Yes it is true to a certain extent. But till you won’t even try for that thing, do you actually think that it can happen. Having a positive outlook about that certain desire is one thing and sitting doing nothing and hoping for it to be fulfilled is another. Even the guy in one of the episode didn’t get the feather by magic, he walked hoping to find it and did find it. Though he forgot about it but still the thing didn’t magically appear. This was one of the small examples.

At the end I would like to say do dream and never stop aspiring for things. Try to work for them. Even Paulo Coelho said,”When you want something ,all the whole Universe conspires in helping you to get it.”

Happy reading 🙂