The Walk

I still remember the walk I took,

After my school, towards the forest.

The magnificent beauty in every nook,

Mesmerised me like a song to chorist.


The trees, the grass and the flowers

Were looking so beautiful.

Seemed like blissful showers,

Under which hours could be delightful.


Under the spell of bountiful nature,

I got disturbed by the ring of my duties,

Telling me to watch my time and be mature,

Confronted by real life cruelties.


At that point, the bitter dogma was realised,

Life is a race and many are to be beaten.

There is no time for things to be relished,

Save yourselves from being eaten.


It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late,

My best friend said this in the phase,

When thoughts were in doubt

And future was on stake.

Dreams are like poetry in motion,

If you don’t realise them, my friend

They will turn into

Utmost dilution.

This is the dogma of the world.

Follow your dreams, make your own path.

Then each day will be a steam bath.

Why don’t you realise?

Happiness will be the ultimate prize.

The goal, the prize you always craved,

It can lead to your name being engraved.

It’s never too late,

To realise your euphoric fate.

At the end,

Age is just an illusion

That shouldn’t be misused

For your dreams’ avulsion.

Indian Classical


I am a bharatanatyam dancer and I’m writing this post to promote the dance form. I will be quick with the history, origin etc
India has been known for its culture and historic and unique dance forms and music. There are eight classical dance forms of India and all are guided by the religious text Natya Shastra which literally translates to Dance treatise. It was written by a sage called Bharat Muni.

Bharatanatyam is among the oldest dance forms which can be traced back to 2nd century. There are many theories regarding the origin of the name. The word is broken into two ” Bharata” meaning hindu and “natyam” meaning dance. Another theory says that it is made from three elements “bha” meaning bhaav ( emotions and feelings), “ra” meanibg raag (melody), “ta” meaning taal (rhythm) because the form is made from these three.

The decline of Bharatanatyam started after the arrival of the East India Company and commencement of colonial rule which treated the dance form as vulgar and banned it. It led to decline of the dance form. The dance form used to be performed by women called “devdasis” meaning servants of God in 16th century.

It was when the popular artist Rukmini Devi Aurandale revived Bharatanatyam after constant revolt. She not only promoted and revived the form in India but also abroad.This made the dance form popular and demanding abroad. I’m really proud that I learnt this form and yesterday I got my degree in which I passed with flying colours.

The sad truth is that despite being of Indian culture, today’s youth doesn’t value the dance form and mocks it. I was surprised to see the response in Austria when I performed there. They all were awestruck. They weren’t acquinted to the dance form but still it felt they understand it more than most of the Indians. Last year, I asked my school teacher to present the form differently, inspired from the youtube video of Poonam and Priyanka. You can checkout their video here. When I performed the similar fusion style at my school, it was that moment when everyone realised how incredible this form can get and I got popular among my teachers and schoolmates.


The beauty of the dance form lies in its unique half sitting posture, elegance and “mudras” meaning depictions by hands. The sad truth is that foreigners appreciate the form more than Indians do and still Indians take pride in it.


Writing Free Blogs

Free blogging? It isn’t bad…


WordPress is an amazing platform for blogging to bring people together and let out their thoughts. Blogging is the art of writing which recess true inner self.

I tried blogging for first time three years ago. I started with a blog named sparkleupyourlyf.  I posted about some DIY recipes and it was really popular. I think I’m pretty good at it. But the posts later hardly got views. I got demotivated. As 15 year old back then maybe I expected quick results and that was bad idea. I also started blogging at blogspot by the name life thunders. I think they shut my blog but it did manage to get 60 views in a few months. Maybe I was trying too hard and rather than finding happiness while doing it I was running after success. Maybe that lead to failure because I wasn’t enjoying it. This time I started with this blog. I named it vibrance because it brings me joy and I do it out of happiness.


I had no idea when I wrote my first post what will happen to this blog but this time I kept writing and I love it. It gives me joy to write and know that I’m improving and getting to know more and more when I see posts from my fellow bloggers. Every time a person follows me it gives me so much joy. My last post received maximum likes and I was so happy.

Writing free blogs can be quite challenging. Many bloggers start bloggers with only motive of earning money. I did too and it didn’t work out. I salute to successful bloggers who still write free blogs and their content is not affected by it. Writing free blogs isn’t that bad.

I don’t mind writing for free today because this time I’m positive and I believe in myself that in a few years this blog will do great. Just need support of my lovely followers. Thank you to every viewer.

Happy Reading 🙂

Are Side Activities Actually are Side Activities…

Are you triggered when people call your passion a “side” activity?

I don’t know if I am using correct term but side activities are basically the passion or the hobbies that a person pursues. For some people it may not be appropriate to call their activities a hobby or even side.

They can include blogging, dancing, singing and various other forms of art, sports etc. Being in the final year of the high school, the term puts me into state of dilemma. I may sound crazy but if you are an artistic or active kind of person who is overburdened by the study, you may get it.

Aren’t these so called “side activities” be enough to be just more than a hobby or passion. People say follow your passion, but why those same people question the promising future in them.

Being academically qualified may sound safe and secure but what’s the fun if you aren’t happy or satisfied. This is basically hypocrisy (did I just overdid it???). If a person has full capabilities and is motivated enough, I think it can be secure as well, maybe struggling for a few. But the patience kept during the struggle time is the actual measurement of the desire.  And isn’t it worth it? I failed twice in blogging.

I don’t think that mocking at people or saying that they are stupid to pursue it is a smart idea. 

It is said that, ‘a little knowledge is dangerous”, it must be said for a reason.

When not aware about the things how can a human be a superior judge for it. Maybe its time to do something and not be swayed by the ideas of others.