Every Cloud Has A silver Lining

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’- the most contradictory idiom, according to me. It is one of the most popular sayings which means never lose hope, difficult today leads to better tomorrow. The origin of the idiom traces back to 1634 and was given by John Milton.

After this, so many similar meaning idioms came such as, ‘After storm comes the calm’, ‘whatever happens, happens for good’,’every negative occurrence has a positive aspect to it’ etc.

Well those bad times can be well compared to the clouds.But sometimes those dark clouds just lead to a big storm which leaves huge destruction. The destruction caused is irrevocable. Even if it could be reverse, it just takes a lot of time and sometimes leaves permanent damage.  The damage caused is heartbreaking and sometimes leads to death.

The dark clouds revolving around the mind can be depressing. It is up to a person how they shoo the dark clouds away so the Sun can shine happily again. It is the time when everything feels irritating and you just don’t feel like doing anything. Deep inside there is a realisation that it’s just simply waste of time and you are the one who has to put that realisation to action. It requires will power. Just take an initiative. It’s easy to say than do. But trust me, the same is happening to me. Just waiting for the storm to get over. It’s even more frustrating when you forcefully do a work but that is the first step.

I may find the idiom contradicting and not so true but there is no harm in trying. I guess the storm will be over soon and I will see the Sun shining again.


Author: vvibrance

I am an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I hope to launch a successful blog and clothing line one day soon. So this blog contains some basic theories from 18 year old mind. Suggestions are welcome. Happy reading :)

9 thoughts on “Every Cloud Has A silver Lining”

  1. I wrote a novel, once in my youth, entitled “Summer Storms”. In it, I use atmospheric storms as an analog to emotional storms. After an atmospheric storm, the air is much clearer and the climate pleasant. Sometimes this happens after an emotional storm as well.

    But you may well also be surrounded by the devastation the storm left behind. Depends on the power of the storm.

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      1. Perhaps, after I work on it a bit. I am not that good an author and the work delves deeply into personal issues. I have yet to find a publisher. It gets a bit more explicit than I am comfortable sending to someone who could be my granddaughter.

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      2. For me you are an amazing writer with magical words. Your words awestruck me. I am a writer but I know I still make grammatical errors. I write because it gives me happiness even if I am not good at it.

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  2. Magical! I am honored and humbled. Your words are magical for me, else I’d not pay attention to them.

    I am ravaged by insecurity. Am I writing too much? Am I losing the point by trying to push thru to an upbeat conclusion? Is the nudity too explicit? I am never happy with what I have done but I am usually happy I did it.

    You are at a magical age. You are at a boundary and boundaries are the most interesting. Boundaries are where real choices get made. Between boundaries, we float along. Pulled by the current and maneuvering within it. At a boundary we have to decide if we will continue on this way or climb out to pursue out destiny afoot. It could be a waterfall ahead threatening our destruction or it might be a need to reject a smooth featureless life in favor of something challenging.

    Eighteen is a classic boundary. Compared to me you are a child, a little older than half the age of my daughter. But I think back to when I was 18. By God, I was an adult and I knew it! I could vote. I could be legally independent. I could join the military, be sent to some foreign land and die in combat. Yet those around me still considered me a child, even into my early 20s. I have found that if you treat someone as an adult they behave that way. So I override my age bias and consider you an adult.

    Your writing proves me correct.

    Here’s a song from 1970 you might like. It is a half-century old yet as fresh in my memory as yesterday. I hope you enjoy.


    1. Dear Fred
      I am really happy to be connected to you. Thanks to wordpress. You give me positive vibes. I see you as a person full of hope. Thank you for understanding my age and how I feel about it. You treat me the way I want to be treated; as a mature adult. You are an amazing human.

      PS: I loved the song

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  3. Thanks for a thought provoking post.
    Your words, “It is the time when everything feels irritating and you just don’t feel like doing anything”, echoed my life of late and though I have been searching for the spark that will turn me around on my present ‘Life’s road’ sometimes I feel at my age there are no more sparks.

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