Is Age Just an Illusion?

You are never too old or too young…


A very popular quotation-“Age is just a number”. Everyone has heard about it but they don’t realise the true meaning of it. Aging is based on empirical system of concept of time. Time was in the past, present and even in future. It was there even before humans. Early man didn’t know aging. But he knew time by the tradition of Sun and Moon. Then came the concept of human lifespan. 

This all came to my mind when I realised it’s too late to pursue the college of my dreams. Where I wanted to go since childhood. Criticism took over me and I didn’t apply. Only because it wasn’t linked with academics? It’s ok and I don’t regret it. I don’t need a degree to be a designer. And then, this idea struck me. Age can’t define me. I’ll never be too old or yoo young. It’s just an illusion. Many would say aging is a phenomena and not a theory. It’s true. I agree. But what matters is the perception. To look at a thing, there can be only two ways: scientific and natural. I look at age from my mind, heartand soul. My body may tell how old I am but it’s never too old for anything. I am eighteen. Presently, I am too old to start learning ballet and at the same time I am too young to be the president of the country. Isn’t it an illusion? How can I be too young and old at the same time? Does age really matters?

What I want to convey is the idea of not giving up on something just because you think you are too old or young for it. I agree it can’t be applied to each and every case. You can’t drink before legal age. I am not trying to convey that. But to polish and acquiring skills. What matters is your mental age. My face may say I am really young but I know I am mature enough to make sensible decisions. The maturity of your mind has nothing to do with your body aging. Youth can never leave you, if you stay young at heart. Someday, I’ll turn 81 but I’ll never lose my 18 year old mind.

Author: vvibrance

I am an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I hope to launch a successful blog and clothing line one day soon. So this blog contains some basic theories from 18 year old mind. Suggestions are welcome. Happy reading :)

7 thoughts on “Is Age Just an Illusion?”

  1. I have enough age on me to have become an expert. It isn’t chronology that will get you, it is the loss of previous abilities and the increase in the amount of pain in the background. If I haven’t climbed that mountain by now, the current physical plant isn’t going to let it happen.

    Also rather hurts when people tell you to act your age when you feel like a kid.

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  2. Age is an illusion. While it matters not to me, unfortunately it matters to others. Last year, I got down-sized with a bunch of other people by a tech firm where we worked. While they didn’t say it, I knew what was up: All of us were old. Later, they’d be bragging on LinkedIn about how the average age of their tech sector was 29. This confirmed my suspicion, as well as the idea that other companies are following suit, meaning I probably won’t find another job in my industry, and will have to re-train at 52.

    And without going into it and writing a blog here, I’ve had people declare me a failure because I’m a musician and I’m over a certain age.

    So, while age is an illusion, sometimes what occurs because of it can be all too real.

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    1. Millions of people live in the world with different mentalities. What matters is what you think of yourself. People will always remain judgemental and putting stereotypes. One just needs to feel young at heart. I’m 18, pretty mature for my age but people won’t take me seriously because of age. No one can change it. Just love yourself and let people say whatever

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