Feminism or Feminarcissism?

Is feminism these days narcissism?


This is a sensitive topic to talk about. These are my view points after what I observed. Feminism- It is a term coined in 1890s which means women’s rights to equality of sexes. This term was introduced to down throw the rule of father which is paternalistic society. Women at that time had no right to make their choices and later they realised if they unite they can promote equality of sexes.

But these days definition of feminism has been changed. Is it feminism or ‘feminarcissism’? All the progress made is going in vain. People laugh at the word feminism. Which actually meant to bring equality but some feminists are trying to bring superiority which is not right. You don’t need to remove clothes in order to show feminism. Its not feminism when you give up your dignity.

Many wouldn’t agree with my viewpoints but feminism has become a joke. People termed the word ‘feminazi’ to mock at the weird behavior of some feminists. They try to supress men which is entirely opposite of what feminism actually means. They are behaving like those supressing men who treated women like objects.

Its high time that we continue with the progress rather than taking a U turn.

Author: vvibrance

I am an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I hope to launch a successful blog and clothing line one day soon. So this blog contains some basic theories from 18 year old mind. Suggestions are welcome. Happy reading :)

5 thoughts on “Feminism or Feminarcissism?”

  1. Can’t agree with you more. Modern feminism is mostly male bashing in disguise. Glad to find someone who has made that observation. People really need to understand what feminism really means – the restoration of female power. It isn’t about demeaning the male population.

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