Why Is It So Hard to Accept Criticism?

What is right? What is wrong? Is criticism same as right and wrong….


“Critism”- not an unpopular word these days. This word emerged in English during 17th century. The word has been derived from the French word “critique”.Critism is basically judging one’s good and bad points. It can be positive as well as negative. Is critism important? Sometimes, its true and we should learn to accept it. Everyone has a different point of view. What may be right for you may be wrong for the other and vice versa.

One can say right and wrong are just theories. To be more scientific they are “normative theories of ethics“. Accepting criticism can be linked to the theory of right and wrong to a certain level.

Basically, we criticise a person when we think that the person is not doing something according to our ethics or simply our ideology. But at the same time that person is doing something right according to his ideology. Right and wrong are just illusions. 

We can understand it better by taking the example of killing. Killing is wrong. But when we kill a mosquito or lion kills a deer its not wrong. But if a human kills a human then its wrong. If a person kills endangered species, its illegal and wrong but if a person kills a chicken its right. 

From this we can conclude that right and wrong aren’t part of nature but an ideology or maybe a theory.

A person should listen to other’s point of view but should not blindly follow it. Analyze them but don’t get influenced by them. What makes sense will be kept in mind and rest won’t matter.

Similarly, one should accept criticism to a certain degree. Don’t be demoralized by it. Think over it and use the theory of right and wrong by your ideology.
PS: this article is right according to me but some people won’t agree.
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Author: vvibrance

I am an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I hope to launch a successful blog and clothing line one day soon. So this blog contains some basic theories from 18 year old mind. Suggestions are welcome. Happy reading :)

6 thoughts on “Why Is It So Hard to Accept Criticism?”

  1. I taught my kids to pay attention to criticism because that person cared enough to give it to you. As they grew, the message grew to include how that person may have good intentions or bad, but they are interested enough in you to give you feedback. If it’s from a teacher, or parents or a doctor, you can trust us, we are looking out for you ( unless it is something absolutely wrong, and we know what those things are) and as they grew, we included motivations of friends. We are just at this stage with our son. Our daughter did well with this, our son, not as well, but getting better.


    1. I totally agree with you. Critisism from teachers and parents is basically their worries and hope that they’ll make you better. Its really crucial to differentiate between people who want to pull you down and ones who want best for you. In my entire journey till now I learnt that. It is an important lesson of life.
      Ps: I’m so sorry to reply so late

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      1. No worries. I understand. These bodies, right? But this world. I was just on Instagram, and it’s disappointing to me how quick we are to tear each other down. Particularly women, I think. We don’t give each other room for error, or the benefit of the doubt in a way we used to, and that is sad. It makes me glad to know my children, who are teens, aren’t that interested in social media. It gives me hope.


      2. Well I totally agree and be happy they aren’t like that. Im 18 and pretty mature for my age. Teens these days are pathetic. Most of them just want to pull you down. Some of my ex schoolmates were actually like are you serious, no facebook etc and they literally said I was wasting my life. I was like ok😂 You must have been a great mum

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  2. When I was but a child, I learned that when adults criticized me it was “constructive” but when I criticized them it was “destructive”. What really came of it was disdain for the very authorities who were trying to correct my behavior.

    Good criticism requires more diplomacy than I have the patience for. Has to come from a place of love and not of authority. People forget that it should include the good and the neutral along with the bad and not be delivered as a personal judgment of worth.

    If someone requests advice I will be happy to make positive suggestions. Even the low points will be delivered in the form of “Here is how it can be better.” rather than, “This sucks!” The very best criticism is delivered so gently the other party believes that came up with it on their own.

    If they don’t request it – and especially if I know they won’t welcome it – my criticism will be limited to advising them about the cliff they are about to drive over. Diplomatically, of course.

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